Intelligent Robotics
Mechatronic System
Mechatronics laboratory
we study topics on the design and control of the mechatronic system. Researches are mainly focused on the robot related stuffs, especially, robot hand, personal robot, wall climbing robot and inpipe robot.
Micro Mechatronics laboratory
We have developed new actuators made of dielectric polymer which has overall good performances such as actuating pressure, strain, high efficiency, fast response, high energy dencity, and adjustable complience like human being's one with low cost. And we researches micro actuator, micro endoscopic capsule, flexible tactile sensor, glove-typed PDA.
Address & Location
IRMS Lab, School of Mechanical Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University, Chunchun-dong 300, Jangan-gu, Suwon, Korea
(Zip Code : 440-746)
Advisor Office
First Engineering Hall, 3rd floor, 21327 (Tel : +82-31-290-7449)
1st Laboratory
First Engineering Hall, 3rd floor, 21310 (Tel : +82-31-290-7481)
2st Laboratory
Second Complex Research Center, 2nd floor, 83253
(Tel : +82-31-290-7928)
3st Laboratory
First Complex Research Center, 8th floor, 81813 (Tel : +82-31-290-7506)